Our Leadership Team

Tyson Steele

Tyson Steele CEO

Tyson Steele is an entrepreneur, investor, and business coach whose comprehensive approach to healthcare business development and marketing has transformed thousands of retail healthcare practices in the last 20 years.

Daniel Streckfuss

Daniel Streckfuss Director

Daniel Streckfuss is a dental industry thought leader who has helped thousands of practices embrace a subscription membership model for patients by growing illumitrac software into the nation’s leading retail healthcare subscription platform.

Brennan Mulcahey

Brennan Mulcahey Co-Chairman of the Board

Brennan Mulcahey is a partner in Brook Ventures, a Boston-based private equity firm specializing in healthcare information technology and tech-enable services. As a former college quarterback, he is passionate about building great teams and businesses that make a difference.

Phillip Dingle

Phillip Dingle Board Member

Phillip is a managing partner and founding principal of HealthEdge Investment Partners. His ability to manage deal origination, due-diligence, financing, transaction structuring, document negotiation, portfolio company management, fundraising, and investor relations gives our companies the structure to maintain integrity across all of our brands.

Jeffery Thompson

Jeffery Thompson Board Member

A partner of HealthEdge Investment Partners. He’s responsible for overseeing structure, documentation, negotiation, and due diligence and brings his wealth of knowledge of dentistry, pharmaceuticals, medical, and business accounting to bear in influencing our partnerships now and in the future.

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